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 Hip hop was not any cultural revolution but twisted people�s perception about music with unconventional motion with lyrics and unlike nature of musical flow. By desired answer of definition hip hop stands for a musical genre and non-traditional function but a living theme and a passionate course of conduct to many people who grew in neighborhoods struggling to live American in a rude sphere. The journey of more than 40 years tell a lot of story of Afro-American pain, love, lose, struggle, passion, emotion, joy through uncountable tracks, colorful costumes and Terpsichores that catch the vibrations.

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 In 1970, hip hop vibrated beat for the first time at any garage of New York with a vivid possibility to grow in unconventional American arena of Bronx-Brooklyn. Experiments with turntables, high diligence on hip hop beat and rhythm, a setting of lyrical poetry over spliced sound, specific body movement on floor formed today�s style through 4 decades.

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 The culture of genres to subgenres was not averted due to experiments and desire of bringing forth a new. Crunk, Gangsta rap and more sub genres have been coming out for decades by the chain of vigorous effort . Crunk was highly inspired from life of Southern America. Loud hip hop anthem on intense beat, surrounded crowd centering attention at dance floor being moved by performers and clubby sphere around-that`s a vivid crunk portrait . At eighty gang sta rap began to exist as artistic way out of rude vibration. On hard hip hop beats ghetto`s effort to release emotion is the vogue of gangsta style.

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 Before people�s madness with hip hop beats afro American culture was out of sight. Dominance of Renaissance literature and arts, Hollywood, white faces of rock stars and racism never inspired the world to get introduced to the color lives. Now hip hop is a mirror to many people who lives more than thousand miles away from US border. As today`s world is more devotee to internet , the marketing strategy set, rotate the idea of connection between hip hop beat with people. With dramatic range of you tube and availability of every hip hop tracks there are platforms to sell the beat. Hip hop beats at the value achieved hit in consistency for typical reason to comfort intensity or need of a new creation.

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 Hip hop beat is the dictator from beginning to end. The gesture a hip hop track portray, wardrobed and styled by beat along a dictatorship. Un deniably, beat and hip hop are too intensely connected that beat created marked from mainstream. Most argument end with the acknowledgement that beat is the foundation whole musical structure is built upon. Some arguments arise that what are the best hip hop beat of all times. There are lot of logical mark that established more than one the best on it`s own phenomenon. Hip hop beat catches the desire fostered by the emotional growth of teen age and young blood.

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By Zach Lipscomb